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This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by returning guest Jozalyn Sharp. Last time Jozalyn came on and talked about dogs. Cute fuzzy wuzzy widdle doggies with their little wagity tales and flopity ears. So naturally, this time, we are talking about the ultra violent mid-2000's horror franchise Saw. Joz is a massive fan of the franchise and Kyle and Burnside are no slouches either. Joz is one of our favorite guests and she does not disappoint. The gang come to the defense of the franchise and point out that the early films have much more in common with a Law and Order-style police procedural than the “torture porn” moniker the franchise is often saddled with. They break down just what makes the franchise fun and exciting and they do their best to parse through the insane continuity of the series. They talk about their favorite Jigsaw puzzles and ruminate on how they'd fair if they found themselves playing one of Jigsaw's games. It's a fun episode and as always Joz is one of the funniest and filthiest comedians around so things get silly despite the buckets of blood and viscera.


Weekly Rad:

Kyle – Mister Mircle (2018) by Tom King and Mitch Gerads (comic)


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