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200 Episodes! Hello everyone and welcome to this very special episode of This Is Rad! Today we celebrate 200 episodes! 4(-ish) years of podcast radness! To mark the occasion Kyle, Matthew, and Laura sat down to chat about life and reminisce a little about the past four years. Plus, we have a very special guest for the episode. Back in November Kyle had the opportunity to chat with the founder of Troma Entertainment, Lloyd Kaufman. Lloyd is one of Kyle's heroes and it was a pretty surreal experience to get to have an extended conversation with one of the people that influenced the direction of his life. It's a fun chat. Troma's latest film Return to Nuke 'Em High part 2 is out March 8th. Go support some true independent cinema and check it out. Also, from the bottom of all of our hearts, thank you so much to everyone who listens to the show, tweets at us, or has ever supported the show. We constantly talk about how lucky we feel to have such cool listeners who share our sense of goofy enthusiasm for all things rad. 200 episodes and we're just getting started. Thank you!

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Rad to the hills! Rad for your life! This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by comedian Nat Baimel and musician( and Kyle's former roommate) Eric Bryan for a chat about one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time Iron Maiden. Everyone talks about their first exposure to Maiden and they gives a few tips on how to approach the band's daunting discography. They explore the unspoken rivalry between Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and the ways in which the two bands vary in their exploration of heavy metal. Plus, this episode features one of the silliest intros the show has had in a while. Crank the volume, cut the sleeves off your t-shirt, and come hang out with four guys quietly sitting in a recording studio talking about bands! Also, check out Nat's new album “Be Nice” out February 23rd!


Weekly Rads:

Kyle: Night of the Living Dead (Criterion Edition Bluray)

Matthew: Dirty Money and The Naked Truth (documentaries)

Nat: Mega Man competitive speed run videos

Eric: Xtro (movie) plus Sonic pregnancy fan art

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Who let the rads out? Who? Who? Who!? This week Kyle and Laura are joined by hilarious Las Vegas comics Jozalyn Sharp and Tyler Jolley to discuss man's best friend. We talk dogs. We talk about em a lot. Because we love them. We talk about our experiences with our own pets and tell some pretty great stories about dogs being dogs. Plus we chat about dogs in movies and answer listener questions about our for legged friends. Time was limited but there will DEFINITELY be a sequel episode one day. But in the meantime, grab a fuzzy buddy, snuggle up, and enjoy! Also, Kyle and Burnside are reunited for the first time in a month on the intro!


Weekly Rads:

Burnside: Overwatch League

Kyle: Jack in the Box's food truck menu and the new line of flavored Diet Cokes

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When a problem comes along, you must... sit down and have an in depth conversation about Devo. This week Kyle sits down with his best friend Jarrod Gilbreath to discuss Jarrod's favorite band, the one and only Devo. They go album by album exploring the development of the band. They talk about the trend in the late 70's of art collectives that accidentally turned into rock bands. Plus they explore the world of music videos before music videos were a thing. It's a fun episode and hopefully it encourages you to check out some deeper Devo cuts, they were waaaaaaaay more than just a one hit wonder band.


Weekly Rads:

Kyle: Madman and The Atomics (comic)

Laura: Blue Planet 2 (show)

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