This Is Rad!

Rad to the hills! Rad for your life! This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by comedian Nat Baimel and musician( and Kyle's former roommate) Eric Bryan for a chat about one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time Iron Maiden. Everyone talks about their first exposure to Maiden and they gives a few tips on how to approach the band's daunting discography. They explore the unspoken rivalry between Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and the ways in which the two bands vary in their exploration of heavy metal. Plus, this episode features one of the silliest intros the show has had in a while. Crank the volume, cut the sleeves off your t-shirt, and come hang out with four guys quietly sitting in a recording studio talking about bands! Also, check out Nat's new album “Be Nice” out February 23rd!


Weekly Rads:

Kyle: Night of the Living Dead (Criterion Edition Bluray)

Matthew: Dirty Money and The Naked Truth (documentaries)

Nat: Mega Man competitive speed run videos

Eric: Xtro (movie) plus Sonic pregnancy fan art

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