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If you'd told us that there would be a Real Housewives episode of This Is Rad, when we started This Is Rad, we'd have worried you'd come from the darkest timeline. And hey, maybe you did, we don't know. But this episode is, in fact, rad. That is thanks, in no small part, to our guest, the brilliant and hilarious Annie Lockwood. Annie is in LA visiting from the ATL and sat down with Kyle and Matt to talk about her love of the many flavors of Real Housewives. Annie was Kyle's opener for his album taping back in December. They met may years ago at a mic in Atlanta and Kyle has been a fan ever since. Believe it or not, this episode has some insane tangents. Burnside turns the show into an episode of Shark Tank for a while. Tweet at us if you would buy Matt's product. Lot of talk about butts in this one. Like... a lot. Enjoy!


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