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Oh things just keep getting radder. This week Kyle, Matthew, and Laura welcome comedian Nicole Bucannon to the show for a chat about Queer Eye in all its incarnations (or at least the one from 2003 and the new one). They talk about the effects the show has had on the way they treat themselves and the way they look at the world and you better believe everyone has cried at at least one episode of the new series. This is also the first in a series of eps the gang are doing in their temporary living room studio. They've recorded there before but this is the first time they've brought a guest by the Casa de Matt and Laura. If you like loose and silly episodes this one is a good time.


Weekly Rads:

Kyle: Baby Showers/Roasted Whole Pigs/The Food at Filipino Family Gatherings (concept/lifestyle/food)

Laura: Nothanger Abbey (and more generally the collected works) by Jane Austen (book)

Matthew: The new season of Trailer Park Boys (Show)

Nicole: DILFS of Disneyland @dilfs_of_disneyland (instagram)


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