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Live rad and prosper. This week on the show Kyle and Matthew welcome Klee Wiggins and Alicia Orme into the very last recording session in the Meltdown recording studio. In the intro they discuss their adventures at the final Meltdown party and say a bit of a fond farewell to their second home of the last 7 years. While it is always sad to say good-bye it begins a new chapter for the show and for everyone's lives. But enough of this sad sack stuff, the gang sit down to talk about Star Trek and after nearly three hours they realize that this is only the first part of what looks to be a long series of chats about one of the greatest sci-fi properties of all time. In this installment they explore their first exposure to Star Trek, as it turns out, everybody has a nerdy family member that brought them to the Trekkie fold. They also talk about the TOS movies and Matthew gets an education in the long standing “Odd vs. Even” Star Trek movie philosophy. Plus, Klee and Alicia both may or may not attribute their early female awakenings to Wil Wheaton. It's long, it's rambly, it sets up future episodes, and we can't think of a better way to send off the old studio. Let us know what aspects of Star Trek you'd like to see us break down in future episodes. The world of TIR keeps changing but what doesn't change is how much we appreciate you, as always thanks for listening and being a part of our lives. (Can you tell we're feeling all emotional this week?)

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