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Welcome to Rad-burger, home of the rad-burger. Can I take your order? This week we have another full house as Kyle, Burnside, and Laura are joined by perenial show favorites Monika Scott and Tom Seiniger to talk about the great American culinary marvel: The Burger. They talk about what makes a good home made burger. They explore the highs and lows of fancy restaurant burgers. And they dig into the labyrinthine topic of fast fast food burgers. Plus, like any good rad episode, there are some truly insane side tangents. Tom might have found the perfect name for his future podcast. Monika gets really graphic describing molten cheese. And we learn a few things about Matthew Burnside's culinary creations. If you can finish this episode without desiring some kind of burger afterwards, you have a lot more emotional fortitude than we did.


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Weekly Rads:

Kyle: Guppy by Charly Bliss (band)

Laura: Marveloous Miss Masel (spelling) (TV Show)

Monika: Deadwood (TV Show)

Tom: Alex Lahey (band)

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