This Is Rad!

Cheers! This week Kyle and Matthew sit down with Jarrod Bruner and Carlos Huizar to talk about the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems: beer. They taste test some different kinds of beers, including several selections from Carlos' personal collection along with Jarrod's own homebrewed coffee IPA. They all discuss their first experiences drinking beer and how that affected their feelings about drinking over the years. Kyle gives some tips for the best way to shotgun a beer. Carlos shares some experiences with beer festivals. Jarrod takes us through his process of homebrewing. Burnside shares his experience drinking absinthe. Plus, they have a controversial discussion of the proper way to consume a Guinness. A super fun episode that will definitely leave you thirsty for more! This episode is sponsored by Loot Crate. Give yourself a geeky gift this month! Visit www.lootcrate/thisisrad and enter the promo code thisisrad for $3 off on any new subscription.

Weekly Rads: Death from Above’s “Outrage! Is Now,” Destiny 2, The Cleveland Show, It

Raddendums: Stone Brewery, Monkish Pale Ale, Francis Connor, Sweetwater Brewery, Hazy Fuentes, Dark Lord Day, Three Floyds, Pliny the Elder, Allagash, Untapped

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