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Yooooooou waaaaant a poooooodcast, but you can't have it... Actually, you can! This week Kyle and Matthew sit down with comedian and return guest Travis Clark to talk about one of rock music's weird and wonderful oddities: Mike Patton. For the uninitiated, Mike Patton was the singer for the band Faith No More, but his back catalogue is pretty incredible. If you've been listening for a while and thought, “boy, they haven't done an episode in a while where three guys nerd out about a bunch of bands I've never heard of...” then fear not, friends, because we have an episode chocked full of music nerd goodness. Kyle points out that Mike Patton might be rock music's most brilliant grouch. Travis breaks down what it is about the singer that has made him such a cult figure for so many. Travis and Matt also point out that all of Kyle's favorite Mr. Bungle songs are terrible. It's a very fun episode and one that has been requested for quite some time, so enjoy! This episode is sponsored by Loot Crate. Give yourself a geeky gift this month! Visit www.lootcrate/thisisrad and enter the promo code thisisrad for $3 off on any new subscription.

Weekly Rads: Eating Raoul, Taco Bell, Mulholland Drive/Moana

Raddendums: Mr. Bungle, Dillinger Escape Plan, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Lovage, Judgment Night, Courtney Barnett, Fantomas

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