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This week Kyle and Matthew welcome Khalid Salaam for a chat about the living dead and their place in pop culture. Khalid explains his parents unorthodox use of horror movies as a tool for punishing him as a child. But that which scares you as a kid often draws you in with fascination as you get older. Kyle and Khalid have worked together in various capacities over the years and despite the fact that they both work on a show about re-animated corpses, they explore a much broader scope of the zombie. We talk classic (and underrated) movies. The best (and not the best) video games. Turns out there are books about zombies. There is a lot of zombie media out there to choose from and they give you some picks for their favorites. But part of the appeal of the zombie narrative is the concept of “survival horror” and the boys explore this topic quite a bit as well. Plus, we got our fair share of hot riffs. Even if you are sick to death of zombie BS in pop culture this episode might remind you that there was once a time where the “Z” word did no elicit groans and eye rolls. Go back with us to a simpler time...


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