This Is Rad!

As 2017 draws to a close, the gang meet up and Burnside and Laura's house to reflect on the past year. Now, before you run away screaming, we did a pretty good job of trying to find plenty of good that happened this year in and amongst some of the crappier parts of the year. We chat about movies, we let Burnside really go nuts talking about games (after all, this might be one of the best years for video games ever), we chat about some music we really liked this year, and Kyle shamelessly plugs “FantasticLand” again. Plus, everybody talks about how they have grown as people and how the podcast has been evolving along with those changes. But not matter what changes, just know that This Is Rad is gonna be right here every week with more rad stuff and rad people. We would also like to take a quick moment to thank everyone who listens to the show. When we started we had no idea if anyone would ever listen to the show and we honestly believe we have the coolest listeners in all of podcastland. You are all truly rad. Happy New Year!


No weekly rads this week but instead, tickets are almost sold out for the Yukon Comedy Festival. If you live in the great white north or just want to have an adventure with the Rad Gang (along with Mr. Goodnight and Rivers Langley of The Goods From The Woods). Plus, TIR will be doing it's first ever live show at the festival! Go to for tickets and information!

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