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This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by the one and only Lisa Curry. Lisa hasn't been on since our last boats episode because she spent most of last year traveling the world and doing stand up. But now she's back in LA and since we're all stuck inside we asked her to come on and catch up. Turns out before comedy Lisa dabble in home remodeling and since being quarantined, she been turning those skills towards her apartment. Lisa also recorded her first comedy album last year and her and Kyle discuss the process of finishing a record.


Also, after everything working smoothly for the last few eps, we had some tech issues. The recording cuts out and Burnside's place loses power a few times, but we stick the landing, plus, it's been a while since we've had an excuse to break out the segue music, so that's fun.


Weekly Rads:

Lisa – Long Walks (activity)


Kyle – Star Trek Voyager (show)


Burnside – Jack Frost (movie, the horror one)


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