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This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by podcast rival Adam Murray, only this time he isn't the game master, he's playing the game with us! That's because This is Rad has gotten itself an official Game Master: Game Master Ryan. Ryan got in contact with us and inquired about writing tabletop campaigns for the show, we jumped at the chance and he put together the weird and wonderful adventure you're going to hear today. We look forward to more tabletop games in the future now that we have GM Ryan onboard. Plus, the group try a new game system, Monster of the Week (which, is, in fact, rad). So grab some snacks, dim the lights and strap in for a rousing adventure!


Weekly Rads:

Kyle – Slave to the Grind (documentary)

Matthew – Treehouse Masters (show)

Adam – Mubi (streaming service)

GM Ryan – Volfpeck (band)


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