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The summer of rad gets foodie as Kyle prepares a lovely flight of popsicles for a panel of discerning palettes. Kyle and Matthew are joined by Robert Ahn, Taylor VH, and Nancy Clark for a discussion of what constitutes a popsicle versus and ice cream novelty, cartooned themed snacks, and the mysterious allure of the ice cream man. We put together a good solid half hour of chat before we start eating so if you are grossed out by people eating on mic, there is a well designated jumping off point. That said, if you can take a little bit of audible slurping (we tried to eat away from mic as much as possible, we're not monster) then you get some good riffing.


Technical Note: We were getting some funky buzzes from the aging power cable we were using. We're working on upgrading and its pretty quiet and only happens a few times but figured we'd let you know that we know.


Popsicle Flight:

Standard Popsicle brand basic popsicle

Rocket Pop

Sherbet Push Up

Outshine Pineapple Bar

Helados Mexico Fresca-Strawberry Bar


Orange Creamsicle


Weekly Rads:


Kyle – Crawl (movie)


Robert – Lillians Bread and Sweets (Filipino restaurant inside a carwash)


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