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Welcome to Summer of Rad 2019! For our first summer episode Kyle sat down with one of his favorite people in the world Julia Prescott, and they talk about the songs that make them think of summer. Prepare for some sweet sweet holding phones up to the microphone action. Plus they get into a pretty deep convo about dealing with depression. So if you've got the summertime blues this episode might help. (Or not, hey I'm just a one podcast, there's only so much I can do.) Plus, since Matt and Laura were sick for the episode we have nice long intro for ya. So break out the blank cassette tapes and put together your own personal playlist and we dive into the world of Summah Jamz.


Weekly Rads:


Laura - Toy Story 4 (movie)


Matt – Outer Wilds (game) and Anima by Thom Yorke (album)


Kyle – By Night by Plague Vendors (album)


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