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Pizza in the morning. Pizza in the evening. Pizza at supper time. When pizza is the subject of your podcast, you can have pizza anytime. Did I do that for the last pizza episode? I was gonna check but then I didn't and now here we are. This week on the show Kyle and Matthew welcome writer/comedian Matt Dwyer to the show. Besides being one of the darkest and funniest writers Kyle knows he's also become an excellent pizza chef in the last few years. Matt hails from Chicago and after our amazing episode with Steve Simone about proper New York pizza we felt it was only fair to get the second city's view on making a proper pizza. We get into some intresting territory about the lesser known approaches to pizza and Kyle learns to gain an appreciation for proper Chicago style deep dish pizza. If you are like him and have your doubts this is worth a listen. This is probably not a good episode to listen to while hungry cause it's mostly us just talking about how delicious food is. We also get into some great tangents about Tom Waits, Jerry Stahl, and the evils of corporate culture. Yeah, on the pizza episode.


Note: We tried an experiment with the way we opened the episode. We started and then Kyle realized that we could do the intro and the episode as one track (less editing!). So if you seem real confused, we were just trying something for the sake of trying it, fear not, we'll be back to normal format next week. Order shall be preserved and there will again be peace and freedom in the galaxy....


Weekly Rads:

Matthew – The Perfect Bid (documentary on Amazon Prime)


Kyle – 5 Below (store) and Boyfriend (rapper)


Dwyer – Coleman Hawkins (jazz musician) and Arbitrary Stupid Goal by Tarmara Shopsin (book)


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