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This week Kyle and Matthew have comedian and father Dave Apkarian on the podcast to talk about the hardest job you'll ever love, being a parent. In a 48 hour period Kyle had two conversations with comics about being parents and wanted to do them as one super episode about parenting, but due to scheduling issues we are splitting this bad boy into two parts. In this episode we talk about Dads. What is it like being a dad? What is it like having a dad? What makes a good dad? What are some of the classic types of Dads? Also, how terrifying is it to take care of a living human? Dave answers these questions and more and you better believe we make some sweet sweet dad jokes. Dave is a delightful and sweet man and we have a ton of fun. Look for part 2 coming sometime in January. And if you just can't get enough Dad talk, check out Sad Dad, Dave's podcast.


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Dave – Shipwrek (EDM artist) (


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