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This week on the show, Kyle, Matthew, and Laura are joined by a TON of people for a roundtable discussion of one of the most popular alternative rock bands of the 90's and 00's Green Day. Keith Carey and Nicole Becannon lead the discussion and share their experiences with the band and they each debate what they think are the definitive Green Day songs and albums. The band has been around so long that its interesting to see the different points of entry for different fans and how that colors their vision of the band. But it wouldn't be This Is Rad if there wasn't distractions and this time we have a murders row of distractors: Tom Goss, Tanya Salzer, Taylor Vracin-Harrell, and Jordan Leigh Williams all ready to help provide tangents and some hot hot riffs. Bonus for those who stick around to the end, there just might be a little Tom Lightning Round to close out the show. This one is a lot of fun!


Weekly Rads:


Kyle – Evangelion is coming to Netflix in 2019! (All is right with the world)


also Kyle – Why Are You In Here by Greg Behrendt (comedy album)


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