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Radtober 2018 begins!!! This week we kick off our month long block of spooky themed episodes with a loving tribute to Kyle's favorite action horror franchise, The Purge!!! And joining Kyle and Matthew on this adventure into the dark heart of future America is the brilliant and hilarious comedian and podcaster Caitlin Cutt (aka Caitlin Lemaire, cause sometimes Kyle forgets that people have stage names...). Caitlin pitched this episode idea months ago and they held it over as their kick off episode for Radtober 2018 and boy is it a doozy. They go film by film exploring the highs and lows of the franchise. They talk about what makes a good Purge movie and they touch on what each of them would do with their own Purge story. Plus, if you want to hear people reference a bunch of very specific Orange county comedy stuff, that also happens. But this might be one of the most focused and intense explorations the gang have done in a minute and if you haven't dived into the world of The Purge, this is a pretty fantastic primer. So grab some fun sized candy, put on a neon glow in the dark skull mask, and prepare for some lawless good times.


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Kyle: Donut County (game)


Burnside: Huluween (Hulu)


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