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This week on the show, Matthew is on assignment so Kyle and Laura welcome Kyle and Lucia. Wait, two Kyles?! Oh my medication! Kyle McCormick and Lucia Fasano are two of Kyle C's favorite people. They're amazing musicians, podcasters, and comedy people and they've come on the podcast to chat about their mutual love of RomComs. Now before you scoff, let's remember that every genre of movies has good and bad so before you turn up your nose, give us a chance to sell you on this often maligned genre. Okay, that out of the way, we have a grand old time breaking down what makes a good RomCom and believe it or not, we go on some tangents and riffs. Is The Wedding Singer a perfect movie? What vintage classics hold up and which ones don't? Is it possible to find Billy Crystal kinda hot? All this and more will be explored! Come meet cute with us!


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