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Guys, it finally happed. After months of talk on the intros, we are finally devoting a whole episode to Overwatch. And in case that wasn't enough, we brought Adam Murray along as well. Join Kyle, Matt, Adam, and fantastic first time guest and streamer Sloan Wolf as they explore what it is about this game that has taken the world by storm. They break down the complicated lore and the interesting ways it brings people in with its diverse cast of characters. Plus, Adam and Matt get in a pretty heated debate about a hamster. They talk about the positives and negatives of online gaming and they try to assuage Kyle's anxieties about getting made fun of my teens. (Spoiler: he's still afraid) Plus, we learn that Laura really loves blimps.


This episode is sponsored by the fine folks at Mack Weldon. Go to and use the promo code RAD to get 20% of your order. (And tell em Sacky sent ya...)


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