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This week Kyle, Matthew, and Laura are joined by comedian/national treasure Jackie Kashian for a chat about the steamy world of romance novels. We learn that the term “romance novel” carries with it about a million sub-categories that range from the delightful to the deranged and just about everywhere in between. For our hardcore book nerds out there this episode also explores a bit of the history of the paperback novel and it's place in the American cultural lexicon. Plus, since Jackie and Kyle are in a room together things of course turn to the broader world of pulp novels including many a fantasy/sci-fi/horror recommendation. Expect to pause this one to write stuff down pretty regularly. If you are a fan of this show you may or may not know that Kyle produces The Jackie and Laurie Show, in which Jackie Kashian is the aforementioned Jackie (along with Laurie Kilmartin). It's a great show and if you are a comedy nerd there are some amazing inside baseball stories. So dim the lights, light a few candles, and spend a little time with your favorite radness based podcast.


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