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Summer of Rad 2018 begins! This week on the show we are trying something a little different. We assembled an elite group of musical nerds and gave them a simple prompt: Create a 1 days music festival, 4 stages, and populate it with your fantasy music festival. No more rules than that and folks got creative. Joining Kyle, Matthew, and Laura are Keith Carey (Mean Boys), Brandie Posey (Lady 2 Lady), and Kasey Clark (Tidemouth, Dogs, anywhere that people are casually talking about Basketball). The lists are diverse and go in some interesting directions. We also reason some single single stages from twitter. Let us know what you think! Whose festival would you be purchasing tickets for? And if you happen to work for Golden Voice or I Heart Radio and feel like any of these festivals should be put on, get it touch with us. I assure you, we are very willing to hear your cash offer.


Weekly Rads:

Kyle: Letterkenny Season 5

Matthew: Overwatch Updates 


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