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Welcome to Flavortown! This week on the show Kyle, Matthew, and Laura welcome longtime listener and baker Jesse Rivera to chat about The Food Network. Well... sort of. It turns out the Food Network could be the subject of a whole series of podcasts, so not unlike many episodes before, this is the first in what will likely be a long series of Food Network episodes. But we get into it. We all confess our true feelings for Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. We discuss Robert Irvine's terrifying monster arms. We debate Chopped versus Cutthroat Kitchen. (Something that if feels like we could do a whole episode on.) Plus, there are some pretty insane tangents including a pretty solid breakdown of the Xbox game “Steel Battalion.” Bleach the tips of your hair, scream “bam” as you throw around some spices, and enjoy the madness!


Weekly Rads:

(with special guests Katie and Becky!) 

Kyle: The Outsider by Stephen King (book)

Becky: Tokyo Ghoul (manga)

Katie: That video of the lady falling into the grapes (classic youtube video)


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