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Seriously rad Steven Universe episode... ACTIVATE! This week Kyle and Laura hold down hosting duty as they welcome the truly delightful Kyle Shire. That's right, Laura gets to deal with two times the Kyle as they break down the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe. Kyle (our Kyle) has seen the show but does not have the deep deep knowledge that Laura and Kyle (guest Kyle) have. And boy does he get an education. The show is amazing and shows a whole new generation of people making shows for kids just how smart and progressive kids TV can be. They discuss the deep lore of the show and explore some of the cool ways that the show plays with fantasy storytelling as a way to spread messages of love and acceptance. They also answer a bunch of listener tweets because it turns out you guys have some thoughts on the show. It gets deep. Laura really shines in this one. A super fun way to kick off a new year of podcasts!


Weekly Rads:

(with Bonus guests Connor McSpadden and Atlas Novack)

Kyle: Paperbacks from Hell by Grady Hendrix (book)

Burnside: John Claude Van Johnson (Show)

Connor: The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn (book series)

Atlas: The Ranch (show)

Bonus Rad: Viewtiful Joe (video game)


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