This Is Rad!

Beer. Billiards. Rad. This week on the show Kyle and Burnside sit down with comedian Doug Fager to break down what makes a good dive bar. In the process they go on a pretty sweet side tangent about Doug's yearly Nightmoon party. It gets weird and Matthew and Laura are definitely going to have to join Kyle and Doug next year. The gang discuss the proper music and d├ęcor for a dive bar. They share stories from some of their past haunts. Kyle recounts the year he spent as a townie secretly dreaming of a life in comedy. Burnside tells some war stories from Ohio. Also Burnside is able to work in some Overwatch commentary in. Laura is also hanging out and has some pretty sweet party stories. As the cold and the stress of the hoidays reach their hight, grab a beverage of your choice and come hang out where everyone knows your name... As long as you tell it to us first. Otherwise how would we know? Come on, be reasonable. What? I'm still typing?!

Weekly Rads:

Laura: Steven Universe (TV Show)

Kyle: Letterkenny (Canadian TV Show)

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