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I'd like to teach the world to rad, in perfect harmony. On today's show we are chatting with Greg Smith and Bridgid Ryan about the fizzy and delicious world of soda. Bridgid and Greg worked on Shudder's new series The Core with Kyle and the discuss the importance of lunch in a writers room. The group reminisce about their early experiences with soda. They also look back fondly at sodas that are no longer with us (RIP Fruitopia...). They break down the variations on Mountain Dew. They discuss the merits of Faygo. Kyle goes on a rant about the CocaCola museum in Atlanta. Plus you get some pretty interesting side tangents about social media and the concept of late capitalism. Yeah, it gets weird, but its also a lot of fun! So grab your favorite carbonated beverage, sit back, and enjoy!


Weekly Rads:

Kyle: I, Tonya (movie)

Laura: FoodStuff (podcast)

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