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Feel the Rad-thym! This week Kyle and Matthew travel to the exotic land of Marina del Rey to chat with comedian/playwright/salsa dancer Solange Castro. Kyle has known Solange for years through comedy and got super excited when she showed him her youtube series where she teaches comedians how to Salsa dance. They chat about Solange's history with Salsa dancing and how something can go from a curiosity to a lifestyle based on your willingness to try. Solange gives the boys an education into what makes Salsa different from other Latin American dances and also explains that within Salsa there are a ton of style variations. Plus you get some great talk about jazz music, meditation, and the state of social media. A delightful episode. Plus: after they recorded this episode, they filmed an episode of Solange's web series. Click the link below if you want to watch Kyle and Matthew get taught some basic salsa steps. Also, Kyle is so tall he doesn't fit on camera for a large portion of the video. It's pretty great.


Video Link:

Teaching Comics to Dance Salsa with Solange Castro

Episode #6: Kyle Clark and Matthew Burnside


Weekly Rads:

Matthew: Utopia by Bjork (album)

Kyle: Call Me By Your Name (Movie), Bonus Rad: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (main theme) by Ryuichi Sakamoto (Song)

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