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Seriously, are you even laxing, bro? This week Kyle and Matthew sit down with lax rat and @midnight alum Adam Toltzis to talk about lacrosse! … after about 20 minutes of nonsense about working at @midnight. The gang discusses the fascinating origins of the sport and explore why some sports have such strong regional ties. Adam recounts how his body adjusted for the better after retiring from the sport. Plus, they discuss why this obscure sport has such a bad rap. There is some discourse on douches and how it is unfair to blame a whole sport for the actions of a group of dipshits who enjoy it. (It's a real “the more you know” moment.)  Kyle, Matt and Nat learn what NARPS are. Kyle and Adam unpack the Mighty Ducks franchise. We learn Burnside is a "porpoise boy." Also, Adam shows them that lacrosse players have some of the greatest (i.e. most ridiculous) names in the history of sports. Come for the talk about brony vore porn, stick around for an interesting chat about an often misunderstood sport.

Weekly Rads: Burnside's birthday at Hurricane Harbor, Overwatch Animated Shorts, The Secret of Ventriloquism by Jon Padgett, Akira

Raddendums: Mighty Ducks 2, Tour de Pharmacy, Everybody Wants Some!!, 30 for 30: Fantastic Lies

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