This Is Rad!

Rad's up, dudes! The Summer of Rad continues in beautiful and sunny Malibu, where the gang returns to their buddy Spencer Emmons' beachfront abode to chat about the world of surfing. The rad crew are also joined by very special guest Zac McKeever. Zac is a longtime friend and the heart of the NerdMelt family where he is the head sound tech. Zac and Spence are lifelong serious surfers. The gang explores the origins and history of surfing. They talk about the natural, physical and mental factors that make surfing such a deeply loved and revered summertime staple. They also talk about optimum surfing conditions, the SoCal beach safety lesson the “stingray shuffle,” and bodyboards vs. Boogie Boards. Plus, Spence and Zac share some scary stories of wiping out. And Natalie sets out to understand what makes a wave “tasty.”

Weekly Rads: Bedbugs, I'm Alan Partridge

Raddendums: Howard Kremer, Duke Kahanamoku, Dogtown, Jeff Ho, Zephyr Surfboards, Larry Bertlemann, the Wedge, Clark Foam, Back to the Beach, Riding Giants, Laird Hamilton, North Shore, Point Break, Slater’s New Wave, Peralta, Endless Summer, Blazing Boards and Beyond Blazing Boards, Blue Crush, Snakes on a Plane, Disney Bears

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