This Is Rad!

The Doctor is in! This week Kyle and Matthew take a wibbly-wobbly adventure through space and time with April O'Neil and Brandon Flick. They explain what Doctor Who is and why they love the adventures of the Time Lord and his companions. Kyle retells the story of how Brandon and April first met and bonded over their love of the Doctor. They discuss their favorite versions of the Doctor and how the first version of the show a person comes into contact with influences how they feel about the show. They also talk about what creatures from the show are the scariest. Who is afraid of being exterminated by Daleks? Who is afraid that they are actively being followed by The Silence? Plus, the gang chats about the current season and predicts what they think may be in store for the future! Keep up to date with April at

Weekly Rads: Krampus, The Good Dinosaur, Fallout, The X-Files

Raddendums: Unfortunately none this week because Producer Natalie was out of town.

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