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We'd rather be nine people's favorite podcast that nine hundred people's ninth favorite podcast. Today on the show Joe Kaye returns to break down the musical [Title of Show]. [Title of Show] is a pretty amazing and inspiring DIY musical that started as two guys pushing themselves to come up with a show idea and ended up a full on Tony nominated Broadway play. Kyle actually did research for this episode and comes at Joe with a bunch of questions about the history and production of the show. Joe worked as part of the street team for the play and has a pretty amazing story of his personal experience with the play. This is one of those fun episodes that hopefully inspires you to not give up on whatever weird idea you have. Make the time and start it, you never know where it might take you!


Weekly Rads:

Joe: Veronica (movie)

Burnside: Sea of Thieves (video game)

 Kyle: The Strangers: Prey At Night (movie)

Annihilation (movie)

Mouth Punch by Laura House (comedy album)


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