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What happens when five podcasters stop being polite and start being real? They talk about the Real World (and Road Rules!). This week on the show Kyle and Burnside have an all-star line up featuring Becky Joiner, Julia Prescott, and Tom Seiniger to chat about two of the seminal shows in creating the world of reality television. In the process, they unwittingly open the floodgates for their guests to gab about their favorite reality shows in general. It turns out, The Bachelor is a very popular show and Tom, Becky, and Julia have some strong opinions. But there's still plenty of on topic discussion. Kyle and Julia chat about their love of The Real World: New Orleans and Road Rules: Latin America. Becky breaks down the modern MTV landscape and her love of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge spin off. They also chart the evolution of reality show personalities and the ways in which the format has evolved for better and for worse. They chat about how the show colored their ideas of culture and everybody feels old when they realize Becky is the only person on the episode young enough to still audition for the show.


Weekly Rads:

Kyle: Roar (movie)

Burnside: Riverdale (show)

Tom: Gwar (band)

Julia: Ladybird (movie)

Becky: The Disaster Artist (book)

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