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This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by fan favorite Brent Schmidt. You guys know when Brent comes on the show it's something special and he does not disappoint this time. I know there is a segment of our listeners who say “I just wish they'd talk more about chaos magick!” Well good news! This is the episode you've been waiting for. The boys break down Grand Morrison's comic book magnum opus The Invisibles. This is an episode Kyle and Brent have been prepping for a while and they are THRILLED to finally bring it to you. But in the grand tradition of the show we run long. But we run so long that we're actually going to do a follow up episode in a few weeks. For now enjoy our break down of chaos magick, the origins of the series, and our thoughts on the first volume. This episode was super fun, come get weird with us.


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Kyle – The Beach Bum (movie)


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