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Merry Clashmas! This week Kyle and Matthew "rad" the Casbah with returning guests Chris Estrada and Kasey Clark. They give a brief history of the The Clash, followed by an album-by-album breakdown of the band's best (and worst) songs, their musical evolution and their ideology. They explore the band's politics and how much the band was a product of their time - for better and for worst. They also yell a lot because Kyle, Kasey and Chris are all insane Clash fans. If you are new to the band, this is a great primer. If you love The Clash, listen and yell and scream at us about what you do and don't agree with. They also discuss the post-Clash works of the various members and give some records to check out if you feel like expanding into the outer Clash-iverse. This holiday season, give someone in your life the gift of The Clash and drown out all that awful Christmas music with "London Calling."

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Raddendums: Joe Strummer, The 101ers, Fecal Matter, The Melvins, Cleveland Screaming, Police and Thieves, Clampdown, Give 'Em Enough Rope, London Calling, Guns of Brixton, Lost in the Supermarket, Train in Vain, Spanish Bombs, Sandinista!, Somebody Got Murdered, Combat Rock, Cut the Crap, Should I Stay or Should I Go?, Bankrobber, Know Your Rights, Car Jamming, Rock the Casbah, Straight to Hell, Big Audio Dynamite, The Mescaleros, Johnny Appleseed

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