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This week on the show Kyle and Matthew took a field trip to Disgraceland, the home of their sister podcast The Goods From The Woods, to chat with Rivers Langley, along with River's Mom Gail Langley and first time guest Rosalie Atkinson about one of the great American rock bands The Allman Brothers Band. Kyle and Rivers both share their fandom for the band and Matt talks about his discovery of the band through Rock Band. But Rosalie... Rosalie is on a whole other level. Over the past few years Rosalie has been working on a project about the band that included a pretty incredible road trip/pilgrimage with her Mom to significant locations in the bands history. Along the way she's talked to a ton of folks who worked with the group and her knowledge on the subject is pretty nuts. This is some good old fashion music nerdery. Whether you are a longtime fan or totally unfamiliar with their music, this is a fantastic primer and celebration of the band, their music, and their somewhat tragic history. So kick back, eat a peach, and enjoy!


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