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Rad me with a spoon! This week, Kyle and Matthew welcome comedian and musician Lisette Alvarez to chat about the wild world of teen movies. From the early days of delinquent films in the 40's and 50's through the genre's golden age in the 80's and 90's the trio break down some of their favorite movies and break down what elements you need to make a classic teen movie. The conversation of course breaks down and everybody goes on a tangent or two about their own experiences in high school. Lisette shares what it was like to be a teen in Miami, Florida. Plus they continue the running dialogue on This Is Rad about indoor versus outdoor high schools. It's a pretty grand adventure into the world of hormones, romantic yearnings, and sweet parties. So grab your poetry notebook, record a mixtape riddled with romantic intrigue, and transport yourself back to those heady days of high school for a festive journey into one of the once great worlds of genre cinema!


Weekly Rads:


Kyle – All At Once by The Screaming Females (album)

Sound of Siam by Various Artists (album)


Matthew – James Harden's crossover in the Clipper's game agains the Huston Rockets (sports thing)


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