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With great power comes great podcasting. This week Kyle and Matthew sit down with comedians Ed Greer and Ron Swallow (Nerd G.O.A.T. Podcast) to talk about everyone's friendly neighborhood webslinger: Spider-Man. The guys talk about what makes the wall crawler such an enduring character. From his origin story to his costuming, Spider-Man does a great job acting as a cypher for every kid who feels powerless in a world of adults. They also talk about his unique position in the Marvel universe. Ron talks about how great it is that there is a superhero with a sense of humor. Ed loves nothing more than watching the webhead fuck people up. Kyle talks about his love for Peter Parker's angst (because of course he does...) and Burnside almost entertains the idea of reading! They also talk about how Spidey has the best rogues gallery and recommend some seminal spider-stories. And don't for a second think that the gang forgot to talk about the nearly infinite film and TV adaptations. They talk about the best and the worst, and you might be surprised by a few of their rankings. Is Spider-Man a menace to society or the arachnid hero our city needs? Listen and find out!

Weekly Rads:  The following bands: Lychee, Cellos, Pony; Comrade Detective; Fabe's churro sandwiches full of gelato

Raddendums: Maximum Carnage, Ultimate Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Unlimited, Turkish Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Return of the Green Goblin, @8armedspidey on Instagram, Terry Brooks

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