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This Is Rad returns to a tradition that we totally forgot to do last year! Kyle, Matthew, and Laura sat down a few days before Thanksgiving to chat and catch up. Everybody has been pretty brutally busy and we decided it would be fun to talk about things we are thankful for and in general just hang out as the Rad Fam. We talk about being tired a lot. And sleeping on planes. And Pokemon. And Kyle tells a few stories that he has FOR SURE told on the podcast before. But it's fun. If you ever want to know what it sounds like for the 10 minutes before we start recording this is a pretty close approximation. But it's not all gloomy sleepy, there are some fun riffs and bits and some chat about Thanksgiving food. Also a debate about what constitutes a Turkey's butt. All three of us would like to take a moment to truly and earnestly thank everyone that listens to the show. As 2018 comes into the home stretch we've really taken stock of how amazing our community of listeners are. Without you were would be three weirdos doing voices in a living room. But thanks to you, we are three weirdos doing voices in a living room who have the sweetest, smartest, and kindest fans a podcast could ask for (take THAT other podcasts!). Thank you for listening and have a festive and safe Thanksgiving!


Kyle's livestream of “Absolute Terror” his new comedy album is THIS FRIDAY (11/23/18) at 7pm pst on Twitch. The Channel name is ThisIsRadPodcast tune in and get an EXLUSIVE one night only event!


Kyle's album taping is Monday Dec 3rdat Star Bar in Atlanta, GA. 8pm.


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