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Take a deep breath and focus on the rad. This week Matthew and Kyle welcome the incredible Laura House to the show for a chat about meditation. But before they dig in, they cover a whole plethora of topics. Laura is one of Kyle's favorite comics and her new album “Mouth Punch” is amazing. They talk about the origins of Six Flags and the glories of Norway amongst other things before getting into a pretty heavy chat about the benefits of meditation. All three folks on the episode suffer from some level of anxiety and depression and Kyle and Laura have both found that meditation was a bit of a life changing discovery for quieting the parts of their brain that want to ruin their day. It's a fun episode but also gets pretty raw and honest. If you find yourself dealing with any of these issues yourself, maybe this episode can give you some things you can explore for dealing with it. Try it out and hit us up on twitter with your own experiences!

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Burnside: Barry (TV Show) 

Kyle: The Breeders - All Nerve (album) 


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