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All tremble before the Infinity Rad! It's that time again. This Is Rad's resident Marvel man Jeremy Scippio returns for our 4thstate of the union of the MCU. This was recorded days before the release of Infinity War and the boys lay out what they think will happen in Marvel's most epic movie to date. Now that it's out check out what the boys got wrong (and maybe a few things they got right...) and hear their takes on Guardians 2, Black Panther, and the Netflix shows (Not a ton of Agents of Shield talk sadly... look there are only so many hours in a day.) Jeremy continues to be one of our favorite recuring guests and you should check him out if he's touring near you because he is a brilliant comic. Plus, as a bonus, on the intro Burnside recounts his and Laura's trip to Huntington Beach for the Back to the Beach Ska Festival. That's right, super nerdy comic book talk AND super nerdy music talk. We're aggressively on brand this week.


Weekly Rads:

Matthew: Back To The Beach Ska Festival (music festival) (also God of War is still pretty good...)

Kyle: The Brazillian Girls – Let's Make Love (album)


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