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Might we suggest you eat before this one. We're gonna say a lot of triggering words like reuben sandwich and potato knish and rugelach and This Is Rad! Podcast and it's subsidiaries and representatives are not to be held responsible for listeners breaking into fits of hanger and/or developing a serious case of the munchies. Author Alan Passman joins Kyle and special guest co-host Adam Cross for a delicious conversation about Jewish delicatessen experience. Turns out two members of God's chosen people and a stand up comedian have a lot of positive things to say about deli food. Plus, Alan has released a graphic novel that is also a book of poems that he wrote while waiting for a kidney transplant. Lot going on this ep. Shout out to Burnside (who is totally alive...)


Weekly Rads:

Kyle – The Monkees (band)

Adam – Silk Sonic by Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak (album)

Alan – Dave Grohl The Biography by Dave Grohl (book)


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