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Six rads forward and five rads back. We've got (an episode about) an angry inch! This week on This Is Rad, Kyle and Matt welcome back the always wonderful Julia Prescott for a chat about her favorite play “Hedwig and The Angry Inch”. For those who don't know, this is a GREAT place to start if you want to know about this cult phenomenon. Julia recounts her first experience with Hedwig and how it has prfoundly effected her life. They also talk about the unique way that the show was originally staged, and how it defied nearly every aspect of a traditional broadway play. Kyle talks about his own personal history of hating musicals and how Hedwig (and our Joe Kaye episode on musicals) really opened him up to a larger vision of what musical theater can be. Plus, Burnside had pretty much no idea what the play was about so its pretty funny when he learns what the titular “angry inch” is referring to...


Weekly Rads:

Matthew: The Xbox One X (The one he won in that Taco Bell contest)

Kyle: Caifanes (band) and their self titled album. (Bonus rad: Cafe Tacvba (band) and their single “Futaro”)


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