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This week on the show Kyle and Matthew chat with their friend and fellow former NerdMelt staffer, Jack Kelly. Together, they break down the most popular broadway musical of the last decade. They are reverent, focused, and absolutely do not spin off on any weird tangents whatsoever... Man, you should see your face right now. This week on the show, Kyle, Matthew, and Jack Kelly breakdown the unstoppable cultural juggernaut that is Hamilton. They discuss their experiences with the play and how it has emotionally effected them. They break down the brilliance of Lin-Manuel Miranda and the fine art of balancing historical accuracy with dramatic storytelling. They get into how the play reflects the larger idea of American identity and how that seems to have manifested into a play that speaks to and has effected so many people in so many ways. Also, they talk about fan fiction. Erotic fan fiction. Over the last few years Jack created a massive alternate universe fan fiction using the characters from this popular play. These stories have created some internet drama. They are also pretty awesome. This episode does a pretty great job illustrating how and why Jack is one of Kyle and Matthew's favorite people and the trio have a fantastic time using the backdrop of this awesome play to get really, really weird. This was a personal favorite episode for all parties involved and before you even ask, yes, we will be doing a follow up with more stories about fan fiction in the future. There is a lot of really fantastic writing out there about the significance of Hamilton as a piece of art. There is also this podcast, which does that but also gets pretty sexy. Please join us on an odyssey into the great American psyche.


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Matthew: Marvel's Spider-Man (video game)


Kyle: Smokey and The Bandit (movie)


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