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This week the one and only Laura Knight returns to guest co-host because Matthew lost his voice screaming at the Cleveland Browns. But Matthew could not have had better timing because this week Rad welcomes longtime friend to the show Richard Eden for his first ever solo appearances. What subject could these two titians of Rad combine their knowledge for? This episode is one of the rare treats were we have two talented experts chat about their jobs as graphic designers. In the past year as Kyle's been studying visual art, he's learned graphic design is a thing. So take a seat next to Kyle as he uses this opportunity to learn about graphic design from two talented designers. But don't worry, just because this episode has some educational value, don't think we don't go off the rails a few times to side tangent about Supernatural, Canada, and any number of other topics. As Kyle says at the beginning of the ep, this one is a real humdinger.

Richard has been kind enough to produce a reference list for this episode


Graphic design software: 




Free Tools:






Paid Resource: 

Envato Elements 









Favorite Graphic Designers:


Leta Sobierajski

Art GD

Stefan Sagmeister

Steve Harrington


Lauren Hom


Dana Tanamachi

Favourite Graphic Design Books:

Know Your Onions (basic reference book)

Taschen History of Graphic Design VOL 1-2


Weekly Rads:


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Laura – Two great webcomics: Barbarous by Yuko Ota & Ananth Hirsh (webcomic) and Brainchild by Suzanne Geary (webcomic) also Bridgerton (netflix show) plus Folklore by Taylor swift (album)


Richard – Zoom q2n (video camera)


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