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This week Kyle and Matthew welcome Mike Bockoven, Alysia Homminga, and Michelle Ianiro to the show to discuss their online theatrical mini series adaptation of Mike's book “Fantasticland” Michelle adapted the play and brought everybody together and Alysia is directing and editing the project. They discuss the origins of this project, the process of collaborating remotely, and creative problem solving in the age of Covid. Kyle has a role in the series and asks the trio what their experience was like working on the show. Plus, Matt finally gets to ask what the hell this show is. See below for info about how to see the show. (Also, Kyle has some stand up shows this week and there are links below to tickets for those as well!)


Weekly Rads:

Kyle – The Before Trilogy (movies)

Matthew – Barb and Star go to Vista del Mar (movie)

Mike – Let's Go Play at the Adams (book)

Aly – Okay Human by Weezer (album)

Michelle – The Hunt (movie)



Fantasticland series info:

Instagram: @thtfantasticland

Ticket Link: [inset when link available]



Kyle's Shows this week:


Weds 2/24/21

Flappers Wednesday Virtual Yoo Hoo Room Show

(worth clicking the link just to see the terrible headshot flappers uses from when somebody hacked their system years ago...)


Sunday 2/28/21

Full Circle Comedy

watch live on facebook!


watch on zoom

meeting ID: 9104467350

Passcode: beerisgood


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