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On our next installment of Summer of Rad 2021, we are joined by Rivers Langley and Joe Raines for a fun cookout. Each year our dear friend Rivers makes us a summer meal and we eat and hang out. This year he made Cubano sandwiches and turnip greens and Laura made cornbread. We discuss what went into making it all. WARNING: if you hate people eating on mic, either skip this ep OR fast forward an hour and you should be safe. Beyond food we also chat about the new Space Jam, some nerdy comedy talk, and the TV series Love Island. Plus, Kyle and Rivers do a LOT of quotes from Jurassic Park...


Weekly Rads:

Kyle – The Forever Purge (movie)

Burnside – Wellington Paranormal (show) and Space Jam: A New Legacy

Laura – The Fear Street Movies (movies) and The Repair Shop (show)

Rivers – McCartney 321 (series)

Joe – Pig (movie)


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