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Order up! This week Kyle and Burnside are joined by the brilliant and hilarious Andrea Allan and Emily Lubin of the Hot Mess Comedy Hour to chat about the wonderful world of diners. For some they're just a place to get a quick bite but for others, the diner can be a sacred space. They chat about do's and don'ts for ordering at a diner. They point out regional differences and what makes a good diner. Andrea and Emily discuss some of their favorite diners in New York City and Kyle and Matt give them some tips on how to get the most out of their time on the west coast. Should you get to know your waiters and waitresses? Plus, you get some real deep discussion of the age old debate of pie versus cake. So head on over to your favorite all night eatery, order some chicken fingers, and enjoy!


Weekly Rads:

Kyle: Oh man the future by De Lux (song)

Matthew: The Week Of (movie)

Laura: The White Album by Weezer (album)

Brandon Niznik (intro guest): Evil Genius (TV series)


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