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This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by music teacher, concert percussionist, and drummer for the incredibly rad band Sad Park, Grant Bubar for a chat about classical music. Grant shares with us how his study of music and working as an orchestral musician has given him an appreciation of classical music and he hopes to share some of what he loves about it with us in the hope that he can make getting into classical music less daunting. We get into the what defines classical music and why the best known composers are best known. Plus Grant gives us a few lesser known or recently rediscovered composers that are starting to be added to the cannon. But, like any good music episode, there is also plenty of talk about modern music, playing music, and the science behind music. We had so much fun with this ep that we will definitely circle back to this later on for a deeper dive into how to listen and what to listen for. If you've never dabble in classical music, this might give you some ways to explore it without feeling totally lost.



Grant made a spotify playlist so you can explore some of HIS favorite and essential classical pieces:



As Matt shares on the episode, he recently had a tragic loss of a close family friend and her daughter. The family has set up a gofund me to help her surviving husband and child.



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