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We have returned as the prophecy has foretold. Kyle and Matthew welcome back Anna Valenzuela and Jenny Chalikian for the third installment of their ongoing retrospective of the Battlestar Galactica reboot. This time they take a look at season two and in the process learn that a lot of stuff they thought was from season two is actually season three and instead season two is full of crazy stuff they almost forgot. This gets intense. Kyle and Anna excitedly yell a lot. We praise Grace Park for playing two charters who look exactly and yet feel entirely different from one another. We breakdown why the Chief is maybe the most complex character. We continue our campaign to elect Laura Roslin present of everything forever. Plus, after so much talk, it has finally arrived: FAT APOLLO enters the series!


Weekly Rads:


Matthew – Getting rid of Direct TV (Thing he did)


Kyle – Strange Brain Parts (YouTube Channel)


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